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Acupuncture and Moving Pain

Everybody has experienced pain in at least some form. It can be dull, stabbing, burning, pulsating and each form relates to something different in Chinese medicine (CM).

But what about the location? Especially if it keeps wandering about the body? For example, sometimes pain might be felt in a shoulder, then it is more prevalent in the lower back, then back to the neck and so on.

In CM, any pathology that moves is connected to Wind. Wind is a pathology without shape, so it likes to combine with a pathology that has shape, such as Heat, Cold, or Damp and carries them around the body. Together they can create havoc in different parts of the body.

Any treatment will not only have to get rid of the ‘material’ pathogen, but also eliminate Wind. As usual, a mix of heating/ cooling points and herbs and an appropriate diet are recommended.

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