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Acupuncture and IVF

IVF is an exciting but also scary time for everybody involved. Often women undergoing IVF cycles also would like to receive acupuncture to accompany them on their journey towards a successful IVF treatment. If you are preparing for an IVF cycle and want to have acupuncture, there are several alternatives for you.

Some women are interested in having a few sessions ahead of the transfer to calm the mind and support the body as much as possible. Others prefer to use a well-known protocol of two acupuncture sessions, one just before and the other one just after the embryo transfer. It really depends on your body and mind to see what will suit you more and which acupuncture points are your best fit; Herbal formulae are only recommended for women who don’t receive fertility drugs at the same time in order to avoid any potential interactions; You can contact me for any questions you may have



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