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Acupuncture and Distal Needling

Why would you needle an acupuncture point on the foot when you have a headache?

Intuitively, it would make sense to needle where it hurts.

By now, my readers have seen me writing about pain being the result of Qi (energy) and Blood Stagnation often enough 😊. So you needle into the stagnation and .. blast it all away. True to a certain extent.

But acupuncture is based on the so-called ‘channel theory’ with energy flowing like rivers within the body. An acupuncture needle will burst excess energy in areas of stagnation and will attract energy in areas of deficiency.

If your head is bursting with pain/ too much energy accumulation, there is likely a deficiency on the other end of the channel (foot) and you can ‘call’ it away from the head by needling specific points on the lower body.

This principle works for all types of imbalances and illnesses. Acupuncture is amazing 😊

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