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Acupuncture and Deep-Rooted Anxiety

The continuous sensation of worry, unease, or nervousness is often defined in modern days as anxiety. The sensation is not rooted in any specific event in our lives but nevertheless, can become quite debilitating.

In these instances, Chinese medicine focusses on the Spirit, the ‘Shen’. The trick is to find the channel(s) that are out of balance.

Is there stagnation? There might me more ‘wavelike’ feelings, that can be overwhelming and then almost disappear. Or deficiency, which presents more like a constant underlying emotion.

If there is an element of fear, the Kidney channel is affected, with anger, the Liver channel is the culprit, and so on.

A nice calming acupuncture point is ‘Yintang’, a point between the eyebrows. Use some lavender oil and gently massage the area.

For a more profound work on the channels, you will need acupuncture and probably also Chinese medicinal herbs.



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